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How do we characterize the adaptive capacity of species in a changing world, and apply it to make species more resilient?


At the Conservation Genetics Lab at Boise State University, our team uses genetic and genomic technologies to better understand and manage diversity in a changing world. Whether its using neutral markers to understand population demographics, functional markers to understand local adaptive traits, or amplicon sequencing to identify multi-species interactions, our approach is to codevelop research with diverse end-users, including conservation practitioners, to ensure our molecular work remains responsive to conservation need. 

We invite you all to explore this site, learn more about our mission, team, and research. If you're interested in joining the team, please feel free to reach out on our contacts page. 


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Read more about our shared values and ethos in the Conservation Genetics Lab.


Get to know ongoing research projects within the Conservation Genetics Lab. 


Meet our team of researchers and collaborators.


Reach out if you're keen to chat more about opportunities.

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