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Conservation Genetics Lab GitHub

Our research group is just getting started! As we develop code for understanding diversity of life on this planet, we will be making it publicly available on GitHub (see link here). 

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Microbiome Hub

There is a growing interest in characterizing the microbial communities that are integrated with the diversity of life on the planet, and may form the basis of local adaptation and expressed phenotypes of interest. Our Microbiome Hub—supported by an NSF Track-II EPSCoR grant (GUTT)—is a group of researchers from multiple career stages who meet weekly to discuss our collective efforts with characterizing microbial communities (and more) using metabarcoding and metagenomic approaches. Open resources for this work include a website that discusses joint code for using QIIME2 (see link here). Keen to join our weekly Microbiome Hub meetings? Reach out using the Contacts Page


Science Illustration

Our group believes in fostering diverse talents that include more people in science. In addition to conservation practice and scientific research, our group supports talented artists and illustrators that enhance scientific works (i.e., talks, manuscripts, collaborations, and outreach) using art (see Stephanie Galla's personal page for more, but there are many talented artists in the group!). Interested in collaborating on graphic for your science or outreach? See our Contact Page to get in touch. 

Files for 3D Printing and Laser Cutting Tube Racks


Our team, including our honorary lab member David Patton (Dr. Galla's father-in-law) have been designing tube racks that can be 3D printed or cut using a laser cutter, to make science materials a little more affordable and accessible. We're working on creating links for our tube rack STL files and laser cutting files. Should you need them sooner, please reach out using our Contact Page.

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