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Our Ethos:


We are an interdisciplinary scientific community working together with a shared vision for enhancing conservation practice using genetic and genomic tools. Our group invests in a team science approach, where people from diverse disciplines (e.g., molecular biology, conservation management, social sciences) work together to generate impactful science in response to practitioner needs. We value the diverse intersections that each team member brings to the table, including diverse ways of knowing and being. We practice mutual respect, engage in open communication, and prioritize wellbeing, so that people can bring their best selves to science. Using an intergenerational and lateral mentorship model, we each take responsibility to create a kinder and more inclusive research environment, help each other learn new scientific skills, and empower one another to reach new heights. Our ethos is under the umbrella of Kindness in Science, which Dr. Galla is a co-founder. 


Traditional mentorship typically involves a top/down or hierarchical approach, where PIs mentor mid and early career researchers. Our lab group also follows an intergenerational approach, where researchers from all career stages come together as equal to share scientific knowledge and build community. 

What does success look like?

Metrics of success in science are heavily weighted towards accepted peer-reviewed publications and funded grant proposals. We value these contributions to science, and support one another to achieve these measures of success. In addition, we value and celebrate diverse indicators of success in our lab group, including: 

  • Informing a conservation management actions

  • Building new and diverse collaborations and partnerships

  • Recruiting new members of our team

  • Maintaining new members of our team

  • Graduating from an undergraduate and graduate programs

  • Participating in community science or science communication

  • Giving presentations at conferences

  • Taking on leadership positions within our community

  • Mentoring new researchers

  • Teaching classes

  • Learning a new skill set

  • Facilitating team science


There are many ways of being in science. Our team strives to support one another to achieve their own vision for how they would like to develop and contribute as a scientist.

The Conservation Genetics Lab participate in a team building event, joining the staff at the Intermountain Bird Observatory for an evening of Northern Saw-whet Banding. 

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